Individual Investors

Individual Investors

Create an investment plan that reflects your personal needs and goals. Learn about Key Investment Team's managed account services, utilizing exchange traded funds - ETF's, mutual funds, stocks and more.


Institutional Investors

Institutional Investors

Build a portfolio that seeks to weather any market environment. Learn more about Key Investment Team's custom asset management, research, consulting, and investment management services.


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Equity Income Portfolio

The portfolio seeks to provide capital appreciation in all market conditions.

Objective: Capital appreciation, income and capital preservation in all markets.

Investment Strategy: For income, the portfolio sells cash secured put options and sells covered call options. For appreciation, the portfolio invests in individual stocks, Exchange-traded funds and mutual funds.  

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed for participating Asset Allocations Portfolios
If at any time within the first six months of our advisory relationship, you are not completely satisfied with our investment advisory services, at your request Key Investment Team or Key Asset Advisors, will refund the advisory fee we received from you for the previous calendar quarter. (Learn More)

Investment Management & Consulting

Key Investment Team is an independent, fee-only, registered investment advisor providing asset management and financial advisory services for individuals and institutional investors. We act in a fiduciary capacity and serve as our clients’ advocate.

Since 1983, Robert Venezia, Key Investment Team's Chief Investment Officer and Founder, has worked with various firms in the finance industry to help clients seek financial security and success with a unique globally-diversified investment strategy.

The key to our 4-Part Investment Process is our investment strategies. We create your strategic asset allocation as a base, and then adjust the mix of assets as markets rise and fall, and the economy strengthens and weakens. Our active process may also engage in short-term trades in an effort to capitalize on perceived unusual or exceptional investment opportunities.

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Asset Allocation Portfolios

We offer five risk-based Asset Allocation Portfolios – each designed with specific goals and risk tolerances in mind:

20% equity/80% fixed income

40% equity/60% fixed income

60% equity/40% fixed income

80% equity/20% fixed income

Equity Growth
100% equity

Custodian services are provided by Schwab Institutional, a subsidiary of Charles Schwab Inc.


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